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Circle of Life - the first Club for Members of the Israeli Biomedical Industry
Circle of Life - the first club for members of the Israeli Biomedical Industry. Circle of Life is a unique, exclusive value-added environment for members of Israel's Bio-Medical arena. Designed for both individual and company membership, is a new paradigm professional association designed to leverage the power of the network within the Bio-Medical industry. For all those who care about their own personal and business future, the state of today and tomorrow's industry, and the education of the next Life Science generation, offers a unique combination of professional and social events, services , activities and a win-win ecology that bring people, ideas and projects together on both the national and international scene.
Introduction to Circle of Life (CoL) Community Network
Welcome to our Circle of Life community service (hereinafter referred to as “community”), the site that connects people for networking, communicating, information & data sharing, and maximizes business efficiency. This agreement describes the terms under which you may use the service offered by the community operator (legal
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